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Selection of Dishes


Orange Chicken

Freshly diced chicken deep fried and stir-fried with our signature sweet and spicy orange chili sauce.

Rice Bomb Roll

Our special roll stuffed with cream cheese, cucumber, crab meat and topped with a layer of thinly slice avocado and finished off with some eel sauce, house made spicy mayo and fish eggs. 

Chicken Fried Rice

A classic nutritious dish packed with flavors. The perfect combination of rice, eggs, vegetables and chicken together cooked in a savory soy sauce is the perfect match to any dish.

Our Restaurant

& Our Story

RiceBomb has been serving in Williston since Sep 2019. We are a fast casual restaurant that aim to give our customers a fine dining like experience with freshly made quality food but at a convenient speed and affordable price. 

Good Food is Our Passion

Flavorsome and Fresh

With our restaurant model, we are able to serve food fresher and more delicate than buffet or fast food at the same affordable price. Adjustments are a non-stop process for our team. We continuously bring new dishes to our customers ever' so often, as we are eager to improve our dishes based on the your insightful feedback. We love what we serve and more importantly we care about your experience at our restaurant. 


We Aim to Create the Best Dinning Experience For You & Your Family